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The company

Retail specialists for over a hundred years

More than a century after the opening of its first store at 1 Rue Lafayette in Paris, the Galeries Lafayette Group remains a retail pioneer with dynamic drive and vision. At the forefront of the latest trends, which it often initiates, the Group and its 15,000 employees are continuing this success story through its iconic brands (Galeries Lafayette, BHV MARAIS, Louis Pion Royal Quartz, Didier Guérin and Citynove) and by growing internationally. In 2012, the total retail sales (incl. taxes) of the Galeries Lafayette Group amounted to 3.8 billion euros across its 250 stores and its e-commerce site.

Two major brands

One provides a striking fashion experience, the other inspires creative city types. Both are innovative and bold. Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS give the Department Stores Business Line a unique position. 800,000 visitors flock to our 69 stores every day (65 Galeries Lafayette and 4 BHV MARAIS). Our 13,000 employees contribute daily to making history, as the ambassadors of these two major brands.

Galeries Lafayette, a fashion monument

A symbol of the art of French living since the late nineteenth century, Galeries Lafayette brings fashion to people with passion, generosity and daring. With a selection of brands ranging from the more affordable to the height of luxury, Galeries Lafayette offers a world where "Fashion makes an impact" with glamour and a touch of magic. Its 11,000 employees provide a unique experience to all their customers in France and across the world.