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Work-based learning and internships

A real professional springboard

Each year, Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS pass on their corporate culture and values to numerous student interns and trainees.
Our goal? To provide a springboard to launch their careers.
Over 200 young people on apprenticeships and work-based learning contracts are welcomed every year at Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS.

Testimonial from a trainee junior project manager in the marketing department/media and advertising division

A great end to my course
"After my initial experiences at Galeries Lafayette in Rouen and Bordeaux, doing a third internship at head office seemed obvious. I firmly believe that it is the ideal platform for training. I have developed a passion for the brand as well as considerable expertise (e.g. organising nationwide events, campaign launches, etc.), which will help me to start my career. I can't really see myself working anywhere else now."


Thomas Mayeu, trainee junior project manager in the Marketing Department/Media and Advertising Division.