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A focus on the future

The digital and e-commerce teams (70 people) have three types of assignment: developing the "digital showcase" of Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS in terms of their online image, providing a second sales channel, and offering a range of additional services in an omni-channel approach. The aim is to adapt to customers' cultural and behavioural changes and to ensure the right equation of services (ordering, purchasing, collection, product returns, etc.) between stores and e-commerce sites. Anticipating needs and encouraging innovation are also key to stepping up the brands' omni-channel strategy and earning points for the future. 

Jobs for IT enthusiasts

Digital and e-commerce activities are numerous and cover diverse areas of expertise: Technical (project management, etc.), Customer Relations (call centre, user experience, social networks, etc. to learn about and anticipate needs), Commercial campaigns (promoting products and brands on the websites), Acquisition (channel traffic to our websites and optimise their SEO), Editorial (providing suitable and attractive content), Web design (ensure the graphic and functional creativity of websites), Product SEO (offer the best product descriptions), an omni-channel department (define the strategy and its implementation, coordinate the activity departments).