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Harmony and a touch of magic

With a scope of activity that is expanding in line with the international development of the Department Stores Business Line, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Department devises, designs and carries out maintenance of retail spaces, whether for a store, a sector (beauty, fashion, footwear, etc.) or a brand. The work of this department's teams is primarily carried out upstream, where they strive to create projects and apply concepts with a constant focus on visibility, as well as a respect for the brands, the customer journey and a sense of overall harmony. The challenge is to create an impression of alchemy, a touch of magic, while preserving the identity and the "setting" of the Department Store.

The Department Stores' "signature"

The work of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction team covers four major activities: designing commercial spaces (architecture, product selection, application of concepts, etc.) in consultation with other departments; national and international property development for new stores (study of locations, formats, external visibility, customer flow, etc.) and for franchises or international partnerships (explanation of the store's architectural concept and adaptation to local cultures - for example the iconic dome of the boulevard Haussmann can take other forms in other countries!); EPC (construction of sites once the spaces have been designed, monitoring of the time/cost/quality ratio); maintenance (daily assistance to Store Directors with regard to safety and compliance...).

Testimonial - Director of Architecture and Fittings

Constantly innovating
 "I have worked for the Group for 18 years now. And I'm still as passionate as ever! As a qualified architect, this is a rare opportunity in my profession to work on such a diverse range of projects. There is always a new challenge. Both in architecture and fittings, my team of 28 employees, made up of qualified architects, interior architects and designers can express their creativity freely despite a strict regulatory framework. Working as a team with other Business Line divisions adds a very rewarding sense of openness to my daily experience."


Marie-Anne Lepelletier Roux, Director of Architecture and Fittings